Maxim Gullit

Maxim gullit
Maxim en Ruud Gullit

Already famous, even as a baby, because of his family’s soccer career. But Maxim Gullit has certainly chosen his own path. Work hard, play hard. Each and every day. That is the motto of this ambitious young professional soccer player.

Maxim Gullit, born on 20 May 2001, started his career in 2019 at Young AZ, and then made the transition to the first team of Cambuur in August 2021. where he is currently still playing. An athlete through and through by all means. A healthy lifestyle and lots of training is a matter of course. His favourite game is not only playing soccer on a soccer pitch. In fact, he simply loves games. Put him on a trampoline and Maxim the child re-emerges. A fun park? Maxim is game. Preferably in the rollercoaster.

An eye for smart clothing, shoes and accessories is something he learned at his mother’s knee. Fashionable, that is his favourite style. Next to a nice pair of sneakers of course, preferably a touch unique. Maxim has the likability few others have, and that will take him far!

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