Jill Schirnhofer

Jill Schirnhofer

Making creativity accessible for everyone. That is Jill’s mission. Multi-talent Jill Schirnhofer, better known as Jill or Jill Rocket, has been doing this since she was a child. When she was 15, she was discovered by a Dutch publisher because of her diary that she had illustrated and written. From that moment on, her fame skyrocketed.

In the meantime she has had her own TV programme ‘Jill’ at Avro Tros NPO3 for 8 years and she presents the successful ‘Super surprise’. The programmes are extremely popular with young girls. Generation Z, which is a bit older, still likes to follow her and grows along with her. Her creativity and interests continue to inspire them.

Baking and recipe making, writing books, acting in films, crafts, Jill does it all! But when she does have a moment to herself, she likes to focus on the design of her new house. Her creativity is definitely visible there too. At the end of the day Jill relaxes with mediation, yoga or drawing in her scrapbook.

Cases with Jill

Jill Schirnhofer Jill x Waterdrop

Children and young people love to follow Jill on Instagram and Tiktok. To them she is a recognition and inspiration. Waterdrop likes to reach this target group with their beautiful method to easily and fun drink more water. And when it is also so sustainable, tastes delicious and looks very fashionable. Jill is on! And so are her fans:-) Lees meer

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