Dafne x Dyson

A healthy living environment is important for everyone. For Dafne too and especially in preparation for the 2021 Olympics, healthy living is even more important to her. Dyson focuses on a healthy living environment and that brought us a wonderful connection between Dafne and Dyson. 

Dyson equipped our Olympic Athlete with Dyson’s air quality backpack to gain insight into personal exposure to pollution, both indoors and on the go.

We showed the results through images, figures and graphs via Dyson and Dafne’s channels. 

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Stox Energy Socks

After wearing Stox Energy Socks for 1 time, Ruud will never go to the gym or golf course without them again, that's how much he enjoyed working out with Stox. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Girav

Girav, Ruud has been wearing it for years. Wonderful clothes and especially ideal because of the great diversity in sizes. Girav x Ruud is the ideal example of a true match. Lees meer

Dafne Schippers Dafne x Nespresso

If there is anyone with great moments ánd a fondness for coffee, it is Dafne. Nespresso's  latest machine, Nespresso Vertuo, is unique in a way that you can choose the size of your coffee. Great coffee moments took central place in this unique launch. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke Janneke x HOKA

HOKA asked Japke to test their ultimate long distance shoe, the Garbon x 2. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke Janneke x Quorn

Quorn fits perfectly into the healthy diet of an athletic flexitarian. Good for Japke & good for the planet! And both are important to Japke.  Lees meer

Maxim Gullit Maxim x Girav Magazine

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Girav, Ruud & Maxime Gullit were in front of the Camera together and had a great interview with sports journalist Diana Kuip about their life as footballers and their fashion style. Lees meer

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