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Brands Connected has an exclusive and carefully selected network of specialised personalities. Through their personal channels they stay in touch with thousands of followers who are interested in their daily life. Together with our personalities we are convinced that we can only create real impact if the connection between personality and brand fits. We do this bij following The Connecting Method. When this is the case, we are happy to create the right content together. So that our personalities can start sharing your brand story with their personal impact.

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Dafne Schippers Dafne x Waterdrop

The collaboration between waterdrop® and Dafne Schippers is a really good match. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Philips

On tiktok they regularly ask where his dreads have gone! Those times are over but Ruud will always be a style icon and legend. With this collaboration between Ruud and e-sports team Team Gullit, Philips One Blade reaches all generations in one wave. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke x Garmin

Japke Janneke has always loved keeping track of her sporting activities with a watch. With the Garmin Venu 2s, she can also use the special functions to keep track of all the facts about her pregnancy, sleep and energy level. A beautiful smartwatch that definitely falls within the range of her following! And after her pregnancy, the watch is a great tool to slowly get her body working out again. Lees meer

John Heitinga John x Omega

Omega, a brand with class, style and a history. Characteristics that John gladly embraces, making the match of this collaboration outstanding. Lees meer

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