Our method

The Connecting Method

Step 1: Connection

Taking a personal approach we coach our personalities in their personal brand preferences and how their target groups view them.

Step 2: Balance & Impact

Based on the connections that personalities and Brands Connected see and feel with a brand, we will create the right balance to tell the brand story with personal impact.

Step 1: Connection

Taking a personal approach, we look into the unique qualities of the brand and/or campaign and we discuss the partnership goals we aim to realise by connecting with our Brands Connected personality.

Step 2: Balance & Impact

Based on the right match we create the connection between the brand and the personality who can start sharing the convincing brand story in an authentic way. Balance is key to tell the story in an organic, personal way with the proper impact.

Step 3: Quality

Based on a credible connection between brand and personality we work together to create a concept and plan for high-quality branded content.

Step 4: Impact & Kick

By truly focusing on creativity and constantly monitoring quality we will realise impact with a creative twist that will give the kick we want to all parties involved.

About Ella

Ella is the connecting force behind Brands Connected. With over 10 years of experience she knows the PR and communication world inside out. As a lifestyle PR specialist she was involved in many campaigns of brands like Nespresso, Quorn, Eye Wish, Balmain Paris and the Estée Lauder companies.

With her personal, creative and energetic style she knows better than anybody how to connect brands, personalities and target groups.

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