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The Connecting Method

Step 1: Connection

Taking a personal approach we coach our personalities in their personal brand preferences and how their target groups view them.

Step 2: Balance & Impact

Based on the connections that personalities and Brands Connected see and feel with a brand, we will create the right balance to tell the brand story with personal impact.

Step 1: Connection

Taking a personal approach, we look into the unique qualities of the brand and/or campaign and we discuss the partnership goals we aim to realise by connecting with our Brands Connected personality.

Step 2: Balance & Impact

Based on the right match we create the connection between the brand and the personality who can start sharing the convincing brand story in an authentic way. Balance is key to tell the story in an organic, personal way with the proper impact.

Step 3: Quality

Based on a credible connection between brand and personality we work together to create a concept and plan for high-quality branded content.

Step 4: Impact & Kick

By truly focusing on creativity and constantly monitoring quality we will realise impact with a creative twist that will give the kick we want to all parties involved.

About Ella

At Brands Connected, we believe in the magic of connection. My name is Ella Fortuin, and as founder, I am incredibly proud to share our mission, vision and work with you. In a world increasingly driven by automated digitization and social media, we believe in the power of genuine connections. Brands Connected came to life in 2020. After working in marketing and PR for 15 years, I saw an opportunity to bring more personality to brand marketing communications, where commercial and personal brands come together harmoniously.

“Connection gives power, and powerful forces can connect” is my vision. And with that in mind, Brands Connected has been a success from day one.

Ella is always looking for true connection, personality, impact and connection. She finds that with her fantastic personalities with a story in sports and health and with our partners. With her personal, creative and bold style, Ella and her team know better than anyone how to bring brands, personalities and audiences together.

Brands Connected works with a large and diverse team of experts, each with their own strengths. We know exactly when to deploy and connect them at the right time, at the right place. Connection, again. 😉

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We match our personalities with a wide range in sports, health and lifestyle with your brand. We would like to tell you more about this in our magazine. What’s your story? Tell it with impact. 

Ruud Gullit became world-famous due to his successful years as a soccer player, coach, trainer and soccer analyst. With his great stories about everything he’s experienced Ruud is a true entertainer and someone who loves life. Read more

With over 17 medals, Dafne Schippers again and again exceeds all expectations. It’s her firm belief that working very hard is the only way to reach the top. Despite her global fame she is still seen as the girl next door with the typical Dutch down to earth mentality that appeals to many. Read more

A soccer player with his heart in the right place. John Heitinga prefers quality. The best players on the field, the most enjoyable quality time with his family, the most delicious food and the most perfect tools to play sports with. And he likes to share all this with the people around him. Read more

Evelyn and Karlijn are the founders of health & wellbeing platform Holistik and focus on living in balance with yourself and your environment. The ladies love sustainable living, tasty & healthy food, a fit body and mind. Read more

Every day Japke can be found in the woods, on the beach or in the dunes for her running or cycling. As a brand new mother, Japke ensures that she can continue her active lifestyle with her child. Read more

Janneke's passion is sports, especially running in the mountains. She enjoys traveling to South Africa and exercising outdoors for both physical and mental strength. She enjoys healthy eating and cooking. Nothing is too crazy for Janneke, challenges are there to be taken on! Read more