John Heitinga

John Heitinga, a footballer with his heart in the right place. As a soccer player he played over many years for Ajax, but also for Madrid, Everton, Fulham and Hertha BSC. Eventually he ended his professional football career at Ajax and continued at the club as a trainer.

John prefers quality. The best players on the field, the most enjoyable quality time with his family, the most delicious food and the most perfect tools to play sports with. And he likes to share all this with the people around him. He also wants this quality of life for others who might need it. Supporting charities in a creative way is part of his daily life. And when he is not on the sidelines training the youth of Ajax, he enjoys watching his three children grow up and likes to go for a ride on his mountain bike or racing bike. In the evening, he loves to enjoy an extensive dinner with his family. Good food, nice wine, great coffee and his night is complete.

Cases with John

John Heitinga John x Omega

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John Heitinga John x Thule

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