Ruud Gullit

Ruud Gullit, aka as the Black Tulip, became world-famous due to his successful years as a soccer player, coach and trainer at clubs like Feyenoord, PSV, AC Milan, Chelsea, Newcastle United and LA Galaxy.

With his expertise in top-class sport and his well-liked personality Ruud regularly appears as a soccer analyst in Dutch and English sports programmes, as well as several general media.

His favourite quote ‘A day without laughing is a day wasted ‘ is Ruud all over. With his great stories about everything he’s experienced Ruud is a true entertainer. But also someone who loves life, which is perfectly showcased by his Instagram account. Beautiful throwbacks, great dining, a media gig once in a while, family time, training his butt off and of course that nice game of golf during a tournament or simply practising on the driving range.

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Calvé sauzen

The newspapers were full of it and many TV programs paid attention to it: on a hamburger the face of Ruud Gullit appears as a divine harbinger of a fantastic European Championship for the Dutch. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Budweiser

King of '88 and King of Beers support the team during the 2021 European Championship, the campaign to support our national heroes. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x STOX Energy Socks Winter Campaign

After wearing Stox Energy Socks for 1 time, Ruud will never go to the gym or golf course without them again, that's how much he enjoyed working out with Stox. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Girav

Girav, Ruud has been wearing it for years. Wonderful clothes and especially ideal because of the great diversity in sizes. Girav x Ruud is the ideal example of a true match. Lees meer

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