Holistik X Frecious

Health, getting the daily dose of vegetables that your body and mind need, it is a lot easier with, among other things, the Greens from Frecious.

Both Karlijn and Evelyn are fans of the brand and their products.

They are happy to share this with their following, who are also open to this

Evelyn and Karlijn Holistik X Bach

This partnership is right up Karlijn and Evelyn's alley. Edward Bach was convinced that a healthy emotional life and a balanced personality enables the body to find its own natural balance. Lees meer

Evelyn and Karlijn Holistik X Puro Vitalis

Vital aging, supplements for your overall health and so much more. So many people, so many wishes. That is why Karlijn and Evelyn think it is so important to show multiple sides. Something they can do perfectly in this collaboration with Puro Vitalis. Lees meer

Evelyn and Karlijn Holistik X Polar

Track your health through a watch. Karlijn and Evelyn have a nice, fitting collaboration with Polar. Fascinated by their sleep cycle, being able to do breathing exercises and workouts makes this watch fit perfectly in Karlijn and Evelyn's vision. Lees meer

Evelyn and Karlijn Holistik X Dr. Hauschka

A favorite brand of both Karlijn and Evelyn for years. Their well-stocked bathroom shelves are stocked with Dr. Hauschka. Through this collaboration they can share their love for the brand with the readers of Holistik. Lees meer

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