Japke X Run Your Story

The planner to get more fun out of your active lifestyle. Japke, in cooperation with PaperLife, developed a journal that gives you insights into reaching and achieving sporting goals. How proud we can be!

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Japke Janneke Japke X Asics

An example of a great collab. There have been several collaborations between Asics and Japke over the last few years, so we can say that this is a perfect match when we enjoy continuing to work with each other. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke X Melkunie

Protein!!! Always good after exercise and with Japke being an active sports lover perfect to supplement her protein. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke X Run Your Marathon

Her own online course! A course in which Japke shares her experiences and tips about running a marathon and in which she guides runners to accomplishing a marathon. Together with House of Are, we dove into the world of online training to help anyone in doubt train for a Marathon! Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke X Skotti Grill

Skotti Grill is a German startup that both Japke Janneke and Brands Connected see a lot of potential in. How clever is it when you can take your own grill/BBQ with you wherever you go? Day at the beach, picnic in the park or on vacation! Lees meer

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