Ruud and Maxim x FIFA 22

In collaboration with 433 and EA Sports, father and son, Ruud and Maxim Gullit, talked to each other about the careers they have had and are going to have. It became a wonderful collaboration to promote FIFA 22. For many, this content shows how emotional top-class sport is and what one has to do and leave behind. Two unique personal stories woven into a brand!

Maxim Gullit Maxim x Girav

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Girav, Ruud & Maxim Gullit were in front of the camera together and had a great interview with sports journalist Diana Kuip about their life as footballers and their fashion style. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Budweiser

King of '88 and King of Beers support the team during the 2021 European Championship, the campaign to support our national heroes. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Calvé sauzen

The newspapers were full of it and many TV programs paid attention to it: on a hamburger the face of Ruud Gullit appears as a divine harbinger of a fantastic European Championship for the Dutch. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x STOX Energy Socks Summer Campaign

Ruud will never go to the golf course without his STOX Energy Socks again. Lees meer

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