Japke Janneke x Quorn

Quorn fits perfectly into the healthy diet of an athletic flexitarian. Good for Japke & good for the planet! And both are important to Japke. 

Quorn has the mission to produce healthy proteins for a healthy planet. Their products contain mycoprotein, a natural fungal organism. This eliminates the use of livestock and less farmland and water. In addition, research shows that Quorn products are a source of protein and very suitable for muscle growth. Not surprising then that Quorn and Japke Janneke found a connection! Japke will help Quorn in 2021 to tell their story with her personal impact. 


Ruud Gullit Ruud x Stox Energy Socks

After wearing Stox Energy Socks for 1 time, Ruud will never go to the gym or golf course without them again, that's how much he enjoyed working out with Stox. Lees meer

Ruud Gullit Ruud x Girav

Girav, Ruud has been wearing it for years. Wonderful clothes and especially ideal because of the great diversity in sizes. Girav x Ruud is the ideal example of a true match. Lees meer

Dafne Schippers Dafne x Dyson

Dyson equipped our Olympic Athlete with Dyson's air quality backpack to gain insight into personal exposure to pollution, both indoors and on the go. Lees meer

Dafne Schippers Dafne x Nespresso

If there is anyone with great moments ánd a fondness for coffee, it is Dafne. Nespresso's  latest machine, Nespresso Vertuo, is unique in a way that you can choose the size of your coffee. Great coffee moments took central place in this unique launch. Lees meer

Japke Janneke Japke Janneke x HOKA

HOKA asked Japke to test their ultimate long distance shoe, the Garbon x 2. Lees meer

Maxim Gullit Maxim x Girav Magazine

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Girav, Ruud & Maxime Gullit were in front of the Camera together and had a great interview with sports journalist Diana Kuip about their life as footballers and their fashion style. Lees meer

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